It’s a dark and stormy night. Suddenly your system locks up. Then you get a message, demanding online payment to release your sensitive data back to you. Unfortunately, this isn’t a Halloween prank. Ransomware is on the rise and organizations of all types are falling victim.

Your risk of cyber-attack exponentially increases if you’ve made any of the mistakes below. The good news is that all these missteps can be reversed with an active Privileged Account Management program.

Here are the 5 Spooky Privilege Security Mistakes that Will Haunt Your Organization

1. Provisioning Workstations for Employees with Local Administrative Privileges Intact
2. Removing Local Admin Privileges, But Neglecting Application Control
3. Forgetting to Remove Privileges After Someone Leaves Your Company
4. Letting Third Parties Access Sensitive Information Without Proper Controls
5. Leaving Hardcoded Passwords in Code During Your Software Development Process

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