ABBYY document capture solutions are based on ABBYY technologies and platforms for document recognition, data capture and language processing. They enable small, medium and large organizations to manage their document-driven business processes more efficiently and productively.

Accounts Payable Automation

 ABBYY’s capture solution for Accounts Payable is designed to meet the needs of accountants and controllers, helping them address the challenges involved in AP automation and optimization initiatives. Reducing manual operation and the amount of administrative effort involved in processing invoices, it enables accounting staff to focus on strategic activities such as analysis, planning and forecasting.

Better Budgeting and Forecasting
•    Captures invoices directly at point of entry, giving AP departments early awareness of their arrival
•    Improves the quality of data in ERP systems by introducing structured processes for entering new vendors and validating existing vendors
•    Provides better visibility into invoice statuses, due dates and payment liabilities, simplifying audits and improving forecasting

ABBYY Mobile Capture Solutions

Captures content from document images and photos via tablets and smartphones for instant integration into organizations’ business processes.

Additionally, mobile capture is increasingly popular for note-taking software, coupon managers, address books, mobile dictionaries, apps for the visually impaired – and for many other mobile applications, clients and online services.

Digital Document Archiving and Management

To cut costs and drive new efficiencies, businesses of every kind need to convert paper documents into electronic records. Automated conversion of documents is key to achieving this – and digital archiving and management solutions from ABBYY provide the answer. Automatically transforming streams of documents into business-ready data, they can be used to create fully searchable digital archives.

Usage Scenarios

Scanning Service Providers
•    Digitize mid- to high volumes of scanned documents (TIFF, JPEG) within short timeframes.
•    Trigger simultaneous document processing and PDF conversion processes for different customers on the same server.
•    Deliver searchable documents in a wide range formats and in more than 190 languages using intelligent recognition technologies from ABBYY.
Banks and Insurers

•    Preserve all relevant documents in PDF or PDF/A format for long-term archiving and find them within seconds.
•    Transaction-related data can be made transparent and visible via powerful entity extraction features – enabling look-ups for money, time, organizations, locations and persons.

Law Firms and Legal Departments
•    Store all case-related documents, contracts and faxes as searchable PDFs.
•    Quickly find documents and citations using tags and intelligent search.
•    Easily find key entities including persons, locations, organizations, time and money for e-discovery.
All Other Organizations
•    Streamline communications by digitizing incoming correspondence such as faxes and letters.
•    Recognize and convert construction plans and drawings for easy storage, sharing and updating.
•    Convert books, library collections and university archives to provide public access worldwide via the Web.
ABBYY Digital Archiving & Management Solutions make document-driven processes cost-efficient and fast. Electronic documents – small in size, but of high visual quality – are immediately available for full-text search and long-term digital archiving, while retaining the appearance of paper originals.

Forms Processing with ABBYY Capture Software

Manual processing of forms is not only tedious, time consuming and labor intensive: it is also error prone and costly. ABBYY technology helps eliminate these issues via solutions that automate the extraction of data from paper forms:

•    credit card applications
•    questionnaires
•    insurance claims
•    and many others.

To process a form, information from data fields (which may be handwritten) is digitized and then:
•    Data is automatically read and “captured” from the relevant fields
•    The forms themselves are digitized, stored as document images and archived
In most cases, form processing is considered to be complete as soon as the data from entire batch of forms has been captured, checked and saved in a database. To collect the data from paper forms, there are two approaches – resource-intensive manual data entry, or use of software for automated forms processing.
Manual data entry is costly and laborious. It has a range of drawbacks for companies, such as delays in recording data, incorrect entries and increased labor costs. Software for automatic data entry and IT-assisted processing of forms, such as ABBYY FlexiCapture, help to reduce these disadvantages.

ABBYY Solutions for Paper to SharePoint

Organizations are turning to advanced business platforms such as Microsoft® SharePoint® to improve knowledge sharing and collaborative work. Storing digital files in SharePoint is an easy task, but in order to elevate it to a full-fledged Document Management System, printed documents including contracts and business correspondence must also be available for electronic search and retrieval.
ABBYY Solutions enable SharePoint users across an organization to scan and index business documents. Printed documents can be easily scanned, turned into searchable electronic files, enriched by metadata and saved directly in the appropriate SharePoint document libraries.

Benefits for Organizations
With the ABBYY Paper to SharePoint solution, organizations benefit from fast document handling, streamlined processes and significant cost savings.

Makes SharePoint a True DMS
Elevates existing SharePoint infrastructure to a full-fledged Document Management System. Enables storage of printed documents in various electronic formats for better collaboration and teamwork.
Standardized Document Capture Process
Leverages standardized capture processes to archive business documents in Microsoft SharePoint.
Makes Paper Documents More Accessible
Increases efficiency by enabling easier sharing of documents between co-workers and departments, and better collaboration.
Reduces Manual Document Entry
Frees up time previously spent on manual document entry and makes documents more available for sharing between co-workers and departments.

ABBYY Intelligent Solutions for Document Classification

Data-intensive firms seek to cut costs by optimizing all their document-driven business processes – from scanning to archiving. ABBYY offers intelligent Solutions for image, layout and content classification, which automatically classify paper and digital resources in accordance with company rules.

Additional Advantages
•    High accessibility and transparency of business-critical documents.
•    Do more in less time via automatic routing of incoming information and internal files.
•    Drive revenue with timely analytics and faster decision-making.
•    Cut costs for multiple server support with well-organized document archiving.
•    Reduce records management risks by applying privacy settings and document storage regulations.
•    Raise the efficiency of content discovery for legal and other data-dependent procedures.