Translation Software

Babylon 10

Babylon translation software helps you understand the world. You can instantly translate words, paragraphs, and entire documents, while also receiving dictionary and
Wikipedia results, with only the click of a button. Add to this, text to speech and advanced grammar correction and you have an indispensable tool for work, school, and home.

Human Voice

Our advanced text to speech technology allows you to hear any text read in a natural sounding voice. Now, you won’t just know the right word to say, you will also know how to say it.With Babylon human voice feature you'll learn correct speech pronunciation. Click on a word or sentence, and a natural sounding human voice will read it aloud, using the proper native dialect. Babylon's human voice feature is available in 30 different languages.

Main Features                                                     
•    Learn native pronunciation
•    Human sounding voice
•    Available in 30 languages
•    Compatible with PC

Document Translation
Whether it is a report for your next meeting, or a paper for school, you can quickly and accurately have all of your documents translated while maintaining their original format.
The new Babylon 10 document translation feature allows you to upload any Microsoft Office document, and have the file automatically translated for you – in its original format! No need to waste time copying and pasting, or reformatting your text. This feature is convenient and easy to use. Choose between uploading your document to your desktop translator by clicking on the document translation icon, or directly translate your document from within your choice Office application, by clicking on the Babylon document translation button that appears in your menu bar.

Main Features
•    Preserves document formatting
•    Saves time and energy
•    Compatible with all Office applications
•    Available in 35 languages
•    Annual subscription
•    Compatible with PC

Full Text Translation

Now you can translate any text with simply the click of a button. There is no need to switch screens, change applications, or even copy and paste. With Babylon, translation is always only a click away.
Translate any full text by clicking on it, or by simply copying and pasting it into your desktop translator. Your desktop tool will intuitively identify the language of your inserted text. All you need to do is select your preferred translation language to enjoy instant and accurate translation results - without ever having to change screens

Main Features
•    Instant results
•    Accurate & precise translations
•    35 languages
•    No need to change screens
•    Annual subscription
•    Compatible with PC