Secure Data Erasure guarantees absolute data sanitization of all IT assets, including servers, desktop/laptop computers, smartphones,Tablets, SSDs and virtual drives.

Data Erasure Management is more than a solution to monitor data erasure activities. It’s an  all-encompassing strategy and absolute line of defense against harmful security leaks and  compliance with data privacy regulations. Data stored across a wide range of company devices and virtual systems is managed to ensure data is erased securely and cost effectively, including complete data sanitization for the safe disposal, reuse or remarketing of IT devices. Whatever the IT asset may be, your business and your customers are 100% safe once the data is erased.

Live Environment Erasure allows enterprise organizations to be proactive, nimble and adaptable in  erasing sensitive data from both PCs and Servers on a daily basis. Automatic routines can be setup and implemented to avoid human error and make sure that security regulations are strictly adhered to. Running on existing operating systems, these solutions enable erasure of data and prevent data leaks during the life and use of the assets. Whatever your organization’s circumstances – even erasing data from 30,000 computers daily – your business and your customers are 100% safe and compliant with data privacy regulations.

High Volume Erasure has both the scope and efficiency to erase mass volumes of data from IT assets, devices, servers and storage environments. Not only does the solution facilitate the safe and responsible disposal of IT assets, it also allows organizations to securely reuse or resell devices that may have hit end of life, such as laptops, smartphones, external SD cards and USB sticks.  Whatever the quantity of data, your business and your customers are 100% safe and compliant with security regulations.