OCR, PDF and Document Conversion

  ABBYY FineReader 12 Corporate
ABBYY FineReader 12 Corporate is an intelligent OCR solution for streamlining document conversion among workgroups in business, government and academic environments. Combining unmatched accuracy with ease of use and the ability to automate document conversion, FineReader Corporate speeds up document processing. Comprehensive network capabilities and cost-effective licensing options further help meet the needs of your business.
  ABBYY PDF Transformer+
PDF Transformer+ offers everything you need for your daily work with PDF files. Whether you wish to edit or comment, add password protection, share PDFs with colleagues, create, convert, or simply read PDFs, PDF Transformer lets you handle it all with ease.
This versatile PDF software combines an intuitive interface and collaboration tools with ABBYY’s Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology and Adobe® PDF Library technology ensuring that you can easily work with any type of PDF.


Data and Document Capture

  ABBYY FlexiCapture
ABBYY FlexiCapture is a powerful data capture and document processing solution from a world-leading technology vendor. It is designed to transform streams of documents of any structure and complexity into business-ready data. And its award-winning recognition technologies, automatic document classification, plus a highly scalable and customizable architecture, mean that it can help companies and organizations of any size to streamline their business processes, increase efficiency and reduce costs
  ABBYY FlexiCapture for Invoices
ABBYY FlexiCapture for Invoices is a ready-to-run accounts payable automation solution. It enables companies and organizations to increase the productivity of AP processes dramatically, while lowering the cost of processing per invoice. The solution delivers all essential functionality for establishing a fast, cost-effective and transparent invoice processing procedure, from document arrival to posting. http://www.abbyy.com/media/2951/abbyy-flexicapture-for-invoices-brochure.pdf
  ABBYY Recognition Server
ABBYY Recognition Server provides powerful server-based OCR functionality for automated document capture and PDF conversion. Designed for mid- to high-volume batch processing, it enables organizations and scanning service providers to establish cost-efficient processes for converting paper, as well as TIFF, JPEG, and PDF image documents into electronic files suitable for full-text search and long-term digital archiving.
  ABBYY Scan Station
ABBYY Scan Station is an easy-to-use document scanning software for both high-volume batch document capture using production-level scanners, and everyday scanning of small numbers of documents.
With Scan Station, paper documents can be turned into accessible and structured information in minutes, using any scanning device.


Dictionaries and Translation

  ABBYY Lingvo Dictionary Server
ABBYY Lingvo Translation Dictionary Server delivers a single, centrally-managed, word translation solution to various environments: into the cloud, on your website, across your organization and into your service offerings. Enchanced with Web or COM API, translation dictionary supports customization to existing design standards and integration into websites and corporate portals.

 Language Services and Tools

  ABBYY Aligner
ABBYY Aligner 2.0 is a professional tool for aligning parallel texts and creating Translation Memory databases. Powered by ABBYY's advanced linguistic technology, ABBYY Aligner 2.0 ensures high-quality alignment results for texts in more than 20 most popular languages. The solution provides a wide range of capabilities and exceptionally intuitive interface to make translators’ work more efficient.
SmartCAT employs industry-leading technologies for computer-assisted translation and empowers businesses with on-demand access to highly skilled translators and editors from around the globe. This unique combination of linguistic technologies and human resources is available within a single web interface. So now your business can set up the localization process for maximum efficiency, with a minimum of costs and hassle.
You can find expert translators who know your industry in just seconds via our search interface. The team you assemble will be all set for record productivity and output speeds, thanks to SmartCAT technologies:
•    Translation memory, for reuse of text that has been previously translated
•    Terminology module, for consistent and correct use of special terms
•    World’s best machine translation engines, for convenient post-editing
•    Quality assurance, for automatic identification of common errors