About CoSoSys

CoSoSys’ mission is to enable businesses and end users around the world to take full advantage of the performance benefits of mobility, portability and communications solutions, without compromising security. To achieve this, we develop solutions that prevent data loss on the ever-increasing number of devices, endpoints and mobile devices accessing and storing sensitive data.

Data Loss Prevention & Mobile Device Management
CoSoSys offers a rich portfolio of security products and features for network device control, endpoint security and data loss prevention (DLP) for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux, Mobile Device Management (MDM) for iOS and Android, as well as the development of applications for portable storage device encryption and enhancement.

We're one of the few IT security companies that extends protection beyond Windows also to Mac and Linux users. Our application portfolio includes functionality encompassing device control, mobile device security, file tracing and shadowing, password security, data synchronization and network security.

Worldwide Offices & Support

We have offices in Germany, the United States and Romania. More than 70 partners in over 30 countries proudly represent CoSoSys products, so help and support is always nearby.

CoSoSys Values

Good, reliable, effective products contribute to consistent growth, but on their own they cannot account for all of it.
A successful company must have good, dedicated people who are driven by a common set of values. This is a key factor in the success of CoSoSys, and something we take very seriously.

Privacy and Confidentiality

Our solutions protect companies and end users, but we also respect the privacy of our clients. This is why you will not see all of our clients’ logos on our website. Some prefer to keep their relationship with us on a 'need-to-know' basis only. We respect this, and willingly apply this policy to all of our interactions with such customers.

Open, Friendly and Transparent
We are easy to work with. We are not afraid to be honest with ourselves, our staff and our customers. Call us, e-mail, follow and like us, enjoy our comics, watch our videos, read through our datasheets, provide feedback -- and please know that you're always welcome to visit our offices.

We're Human
We might be an IT company, but we're about more than making effective hardware and software. Derived from our mission, we always think about the Network Administrator and the end user's experience.

We have a great team. We are united in what we do. We respect our personal values and take care of each other. We value fun with our workmates, while focusing on contributing. We are young, dynamic and enthusiastic in what we do! In our corporate culture, we have fun and work hard.

Innovation, Heart and Balance

At CoSoSys, we do not just follow trends. Our solutions are designed to fit your specific needs. Present us with a challenge and we will respond with a solution. Just look at the way we deliver our products - whether it is a hardware appliance, a virtual machine or a cloud-based solution - we've proven time and time again that we solve problems.

It is not just about Windows. We also help protect Mac and Linux computers, and we protect the users of Android and iOS mobile devices too.

Teach, Learn and Make a Difference

We prefer to teach rather than enforce. Look at the humorous comics we developed to find a fun and engaging way to raise awareness about security issues - while also generating smiles -(although we do not consider data loss funny).

A DLP solution is not just about enforcing restrictions, it's about educating as well. We are all humans. We make mistakes. Most data leaks are unintentional. A DLP solution is much better than having somebody constantly watch over your shoulder and yell every time you're about to make a mistake.

We welcome your feedback. We might not be the loudest, or the most colorful company, but we're definitely doing something right as our success demonstrates.

CoSoSys cares about the society in which we live. Our organization, and many of our employees on their own, are involved in projects that support our communities. We are proud to do our part to help protect the environment. In fact, My Endpoint Protector and all other Endpoint Protector Online and Cloud Services all run on energy efficient hardware, and are powered one hundred percent by carbon dioxide-free and environmentally-friendly hydropower green energy.
We also use bikes for transportation as much as possible.
Just another small way we show we care at CoSoSys.