SAP Crystal Solutions

Create and Embed Reports
Turn information from almost any data source into a sophisticated, interactive report – with our market-leading report design software.

•    SAP Crystal Reports

Give your report designers and business users an easy way to create highly formatted, interactive reports – leveraging data from virtually any data source.
o    Design interactive, formatted reports with flexible export options
o    Deliver reports via the Web, e-mail, Microsoft Office, mobile device, or embedded in applications
o    Empower end users to explore reports with on-report sorting and parameters
o    Reduce IT and developer backlog with interactive, parameter-based reports

•    SAP Crystal Reports, Developer Version for Microsoft Visual Studio
Generate rich, interactive reports without leaving your Microsoft Visual Studio development environment, with this flexible – and free – software.
o    Leverage powerful report creation, integration, and delivery tools
o    Deliver visual, interactive reports on any device with XML Web services
o    Benefit from support for over 35 data sources, browsers, and operating systems

•    SAP Crystal Reports, Version for Eclipse
Quickly and easily embed interactive reports into your Java applications with powerful report design, data access, and integration features – for free.
o    Create and modify reports with Java using a comprehensive SDK
o    Embed the Java runtime engine into both thick and thin client applications
o    Edit your reports directly in the Eclipse development environment

•    SAP Crystal Reports Viewer
Open, view, explore, save, and share your reports without IT support – even while working offline – with this free, standalone, RPT file viewer.
o    Explore reports interactively – on both PCs and Macs
o    Capture key information by saving customized report views
o    Easily share you reports with colleagues, customers, and vendors

Create Dashboards
Create interactive dashboards and presentations with ease – for a comprehensive view of your business.

•    SAP Crystal Dashboard Design
Develop interactive dashboards and presentations from spreadsheets and live data with point-and-click ease. Share information via the Web, Microsoft Office, and Adobe PDF.
o    Get better insight into your business performance
o    Engage your audience with visualizations showing both summaries and details
o    Take informed action by running different what-if scenarios
o    Export dashboards to common formats such as Microsoft Office files or Adobe SWF

Manage and Share

•    Scale existing SAP Crystal Solutions – so you can manage and share reports and dashboards across your organization.
•    SAP Crystal Server

Explore, manage, and share personalized reports, dashboards, and analytics with an affordable entry-level business intelligence solution.
o    Give users point-and-click access to interactive, visually compelling reports and dashboards
o    Combine the power of BI with the simplicity of Internet search for improved data discovery
o    Present data from multiple sources in consistent business terms – for increased confidence in data
o    Embed compelling BI content into applications via software developer kits (SDKs)

•    SAP Crystal Server, Analytics Edition
Put big data to work for you with a combination of market-leading data integration, data management, and BI in a complete analytics package for small business.
o    Analyze massive volumes of data with superior performance and scalability
o    Leverage analytics tailored to your industry and/or line of business needs
o    Maximize business value with a single, easy-to-install software package

•    SAP Crystal Server Add-On for Mobile Solutions
Deliver rich, affordable analytics to your frontline workforce with SAP Crystal Server software and its add-on for mobile solutions.
o    Deliver mobile BI designed for SME and departmental needs and budgets
o    Extend SAP Crystal Reports and data exploration documents to your mobile devices
o     Get secure, self-serve information access without relying on IT for assistance
o    Arm your team with a competitive advantage using on-the-go analytics

•    SAP Lumira, Edge edition
With data-driven storytelling your team or department can visualize and better understand their data, empowering your business to find answers in minutes.
o    Quickly analyze large volumes of data
o    Create data stories that captivate audiences
o    Take advantage of data visualizations through a Web browser or on a mobile device

See your business in a whole new light with
SAP Crystal Reports

Design and deliver meaningful business reports based on data from virtually any source – with SAP Crystal Reports. These easy-to-use BI and reporting tools can help you create a clear picture of your business and give colleagues, customers, and partners the information they need in the format of their choice. Integrate with well-known solutions to add data visualizations, dashboards, and more.

Why SAP Crystal Reports?

Because it is the de facto standard in business intelligence reporting. Companies around the world rely on SAP Crystal Reports to help them create richly formatted, interactive business reports from virtually any data source – delivered in dozens of formats, in up to 24 languages.

•    Leverage powerful reporting tools to deliver key insights and a clear picture of the business to decision makers
•    Get broad connectivity to diverse data sources to create real-time operational reports
•    Make actionable information available online or offline – from applications, portals, and mobile devices
•    Use flexible, customizable report design to give customers and partners the reporting formats of their choice

Intuitive design environment

Quickly design elegant business reports using a "what you see is what you get" (WYSIWYG) layout that offers popular design, integration, and deployment options.

•    Use intuitive design tools to create the precise report layouts you need
•    Reduce time spent on report formatting with templates and wizards
•    Set parameter values and get results without refreshing data
•    Explore results interactively with on-report sorting and filtering
•    Set sorting and formatting to match local customs
Design acceleration features

Speed up report design using features such as global formula search, duplicate formula, duplicate running total, a "find-in-field" explorer, and more

•    Automatically create hyperlinks with the hyperlink wizard
•    Instantly generate barcodes with a "turn to barcode" function
•    Set report parameters and apply values from a single, easy-to-use parameter panel
Powerful data mash-ups
Enhance report designs with powerful, integrated components – such as dynamic charts, Adobe Flash, Adobe Flex, and SAP Crystal Dashboard Design data visualizations.

•    Convey information in a more compelling way with enhanced designer features
•    Add dynamic charts, graphics, and videos to reports using Adobe Flash
•    Visualize what-if scenarios with SAP Crystal Dashboard Design integration
•    Execute business decisions within reports by embedding Adobe Flex

Comprehensive deployment options
Deploy and share reports in multiple ways – including data-driven publishing, new data access, comprehensive export options, and software development kits (SDKs).

•    Blast personalized reports to thousands of recipients by integrating with Crystal Server
•    Access interactive data online using data drivers for enhanced Web services
•    Easily access complete customer data with a driver
•    Quickly integrate reports into business processes with XML exporting
•    Add, change, or create new report objects at runtime with SDK options7

System requirements for SAP Crystal Reports 2013

SAP Crystal Server

SAP Crystal Server: BI essentials for small business
Empower your decision makers with easy, intuitive access to business intelligence (BI) essentials – using SAP Crystal Server. This core BI software for small business delivers reports, dashboards, and data exploration within a secure and managed infrastructure.
•    Easily access and share reports and dashboards from a single solution
•    View critical insights across data sources with intuitive, guided data exploration
•    Ensure corporate data is readily accessible with a common semantic layer
•    Accelerate report design and deliver personalized reports to a dynamic list