Why ThinPrint

Simply Better Printing – in Any IT Environment

For over 15 years, ThinPrint technology continuously proves itself every day, all over the globe, at over 25,000 corporate clients of all sizes, based in all industries.

The print solution integrates seamlessly into any IT environment and is vendor-independently applicable with any printer or end device – whether with Citrix, VMware or Microsoft Remote Desktop, or without virtual desktops/apps.

ThinPrint's unique compression, connection-oriented bandwidth management, SpeedCache and streaming deliver the fastest printing speeds as well as the best-optimized use bandwidth.

ThinPrint reduces time spent on administration as well as operating costs. Benefit from improved hardware utilization and cost-effective print server consolidation.

A single virtual printer driver for all printers! ThinPrint's common print dialog simplifies print management, making printing for users easier than ever before.

ThinPrint is suitable for organizations of any size – from small companies to large international corporations – and can be seamlessly adapted to new IT requirements and technologies.

The fastest print results and automated print processes increase productivity of employees and IT administrators. Thanks to intelligent printer mapping, users everywhere access the printers they need.

Secure SSL encryption always fully protects your print jobs – when required even end-to-end right to the printer. Printing only once the user has authenticated directly at the printer is also available for even higher levels of security.

Stable printing environments and reliable printing results are of upmost importance for ThinPrint. Together with resilience and options for rapid disaster recovery, ThinPrint is the most stable printing solution available.

Whether with laptops, MacBooks, tablets or smartphones – users print from any device to any printer.